New World’s Tallest Building To Be Built In 90 Days?

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The Burj Khalifa in Dubai has been the subject of an incredible amount of admiration, appearing in media and pop culture worldwide. The Burj, along with the man made islands, have made Dubai one of the most envied cities on the planet.

China is on the rise, and they’re looking to steal some of the thunder away from the Emirate to their west. They have laid the foundation to steal away the title of world’s tallest building, and they’re aiming to do it by next year!

From Broad Sustainable Building, the same company that successfully built a 30 story building in 15 days, comes Sky City One. While it may not be as sleek and futuristic as the Burj Khalifa, Sky City One aims to top it by ten meters to sit at 838M high.

The building is scheduled to be erected in Changsa, China. BSB is setting an extremely lofty goal for themselves as well; they’re aiming to complete the modern marvel in just 90 days! To put that into perspective, it took five years for the Burj Khalifa to be built!

The idea may seem ridiculous, but BSB is prefabricating 95% of the building at a factory beforehand, and essentially assembling a jigsaw puzzle at the site. The goal is to begin construction in November 2012, and to be finished by early 2013.

Sky City One wants to be 5X more energy efficient than standard buildings, as well as be earthquake resistant and materially efficient. Early estimates suggest project completion could be achieved at a modest $628 million. Once completed, Sky City One will sit 220 stories tall, and encompass the world’s tallest hotel, the J hotel, with 104 dedicated floors. Sky City One is branding itself as being a carless city for 100,000 people. The project is still pending approval, but BSB is serious about getting the job done, and firmly establishing themselves as one of the top construction companies in the world.

If the project is successful, engineering and human capability will haven taken a monumental leap. The cliché of the sky being the limit will never be more true. If Dubai wants to continue to be bigger and more amazing than the rest of the world, they had better start trying to figure out how to add another story or two to the Burj Khalifa.




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  • Dennis


    amazing technology…just hope there’s plenty of very fast elevators!!!


  • Maven


    Agreed Dennis, if you work on the top floor, how much commute time do you need to add to your schedule? Also wondering when they start infringing upon air space restrictions? I would hate to have to run down from an upper floor to prevent my car from being towed when I just ran in for a minute. Of course, you may never have to leave the building if it is indeed a city in itself.


  • Mike Awada


    I should have mentioned, they’re planning on having 104 elevators in the structure! Not sure on the speeds though. Pretty bold and amazing stuff.


  • Matt


    Do you know how much it cost to build the 30 story building?


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