November Domain Name Sales Report

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November was another busy month for domain sales on the global stage.

There were seven reported six figure sales, and a number of ccTLDs that brought in some huge hauls.

We did a little bit of research on some of the more notable sales of the month, and this is what we uncovered., $500,000- According to, 75.2% of the nearly 15 million businesses they surveyed did not have a website. This is an astonishing statistic. It’s a safe bet that, with more usage and knowledge, people all over the U.S. will be seeking out websites. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but this premium domain will no doubt reel in some great, money-making customers., $350,000- Giving gifts can be hard, but not when you have a gift basket. Gift baskets are the trump card of gifts, they’re versatile, considerate, and unisex. While competition is high in this industry, this premium .com will command immediate respect. The site is already up, wasting no time in trying to reach the 9,900 customers searching for that exact term every month., $250,000- No website is currently up and the owner is under privacy protection. The Financial Executives Networking Group, currently operating under, seem to be a likely buyer. There’s always a chance that the owner of bought to complete the pair as well., $205,890- When it comes to materials, cotton is a popular guy. While little is known about the particulars of this sale, Cotton Incorporated seems like the likely buyer. They’re an established corporation and you’d definitely recognize their logo. They currently use and Cotton is a much softer, smoother and more comfortable domain name., $150,000- Three letter dot coms typically bring good money, and $150k is a very nice haul. The best educated guess for this purchase is the Elitegroup Computer Systems, who are currently using, which is the official ccTLD of Taiwan., $100,000- This Geo-domain is pure gold, combining one of the biggest cities in the world, with one of the most popular and necessary industries. With 4,400 exact Google searches a month, this could become a nice lead generation or affiliate site., $100,000- Anyone who ate paste during their childhood most certainly has a special appreciation this domain. Paste Magazine, a music, film and culture site, is the buyer. They upgraded from to the shorter and more memorable Paste. The WSJ called Paste the nation’s best music magazine., $50,800- .se is the official ccTLD of Sweden, and this one word domain brought in some good cheddar. The site is currently blank, but it looks to be some type of Swedish search engine. This sale shows that people are willing to pay a premium for non .coms., $38,000- Registered in 2008, $38K is an amazing sale for this brandable .com. The buyer is based out of Japan, yet the purpose of the site is unknown. Could the father of gel be staking claim to his internet residence?, $15,000- Freak storms unlike any we’ve seen before are becoming more prevalent, bringing more people around to the idea of global warming. These disasters are popularly being referred to as Frankenstorms all over the media. The buyer is Happy Land Holding AB, signifying they may be speculating on this domain long term.

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