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“Personal electric transportation with the versatility of a single wheel and the horse power to take you wherever you want go.” -Ryno Motors

A bicycle is to a motorcycle as a unicycle is to a…

That’s the question everyone wants answered and one that mechanical engineer Chris Hoffman sought to solve. When Hoffman’s daughter drew him a sketch of a motorized, one wheeled contraption, he had no choice but to actually build one.

Hoffman built a prototype and then realized that this idea had the potential to upend the Segway and the personal mobility market. For those reasons, Hoffman started Ryno (Ride Your New Opportunity) Motors. Hoffman wanted to produce what he called the one wheel motorcycle full time. In it’s current form, it’s actually more of an electric scooter, but this self-balancing  marvel is easy to learn and capable of traversing almost any urban climate.

The first model, set for production starting in 2013, is battery powered and can reach a top speed of 12.5 mph for 25 miles. The one wheeled craft lets you zig and zag into any nook and cranny you can imagine; bring it on the bus, park it on the sidewalk, have it your way.

CEO and mastermind Chris Hoffman posted an update on his website yesterday identifying some key facts about the product, and here’s what we took away: It’s going to feature 2,000 watts of motor power, a 24 amp hour battery capacity and dual interchangeable batteries that you can bring inside to charge.

Ryno is partnering up with a few dealers in the U.S., and will have them handle pre-orders soon. The electric unicycle of sorts should be available soon at the sleek price of $4,500.

Here’s a video of Hoffman’s vision, as well as his gadget in action.

While the current model is a battery powered electric, it’ll be fascinating to see if Hoffman or another entrepreneur pursues a performance gas powered model down the road.

Ryno Motors



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  • Sara H.


    this would make a big difference for me and my life! considering the rough terrains i live among and the distances I’d have to walk due to no gasoline or vehicles allowed in the area…this would help cut my time and distance measures in half!! I WANT ONE….


  • Mike Awada


    These would definitely be a game changer! We’ve reached out to Ryno for an update on their product and we will share with you once we hear back.


  • Owen


    this looks pretty amazing but i wonder what the handling would be like. Can uou lean on it? 2 wheels are inherently unstable which is why they are so fun!
    but one wheel is even more so


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