The Future of Television: 4K TV

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The television is a prime example of how technology in the 21st century is moving at an exponential pace. As soon as high definition was introduced to the world, we were presented with the option of a flat screen HDTV. Everyone who went out and bought a brand new flat screen thought they were living fancy, only to have their hopes and dreams slashed when the 3D Flat Screen HDTV was released. Many individuals have caught on to the scheme, and avoided the 3DTV altogether. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before the next plateau was reached; get ready for the 4KTV.

Spray On Antenna Technology Drastically Boosts Reception

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There has been an amazing array of technology unleashed on the world lately, but these futuristic innovations have not been without their issues. One of the most frustrating problems facing us today has got to be cell phone reception, or most times, a lack thereof. Scientists may have finally uncovered an affordable solution, from an unlikely source: a spray can.

Breaking: First Human Teleportation in Stockholm

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human teleportation

Amazing news out of Stockholm today, where Swedish scientists won the ongoing battle of who could successfully teleport the first human being. 46 year old Oskar Svensson was almost instantaneously teleported from the Stockholm Science Institute Headquarters, to a separate underground branch in Karlstad. The report said that according to the on location sensors, Svensson was able to travel 180.4 miles in 2.54 seconds. Just when you thought you had seen it all, an incredible story like this breaks.

Blind Man Gets Behind the Wheel

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blind man gets behind the wheel

There are over 40 million blind people in the world. Individuals without sight are forced to hire orientation and mobility specialists to help them move around town. Some common techniques include devising consistent and familiar routes, using a walking cane, and obtaining a specially trained seeing eye dog. Similarly, phone apps have been designed that give the blind detailed directions to navigate around town. All of these alternatives are great, but the one common denominator is the slow rate of speed at which a visually impaired human beings must travel alone. Amazingly, though, a major breakthrough in this field is on the horizon.

International Space Station Narrowly Escapes Disaster

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Crew members aboard the ISS scrambled into an emergency exit craft as stray debris from a forgotten Russian satellite surprised NASA. The debris was only noticed on Friday, which evidently did not give the monitoring team enough time to create a sizable distance between the ISS and the scrap. NASA couldn’t even determine the exact size of the debris, although any small amount can jeopardize the entire craft.

Astounde covered the story of the incredible threat posed by space junk in this article in mid-February. Swiss scientists are currently designing a project called Clean Space One to help alleviate this problem. The article is a fascinating read if you hadn’t heard of it yet. Hopefully the hard working scientists can get Clean Space One implemented soon, as the lives of the six crew members onboard are too valuable to be left to chance.

Crazy Twists on Skiing & Snowboarding

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dual snowboard

If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy snowboarding or skiing, it’s something you really need to try. The first two days won’t be without much pain, but if you can make it past those, you’re home free. Being on the mountain gets you thinking about potential alternatives, those can’t really be the only two possibilities right? A company called Dual Snowboards is trying to revolutionize the way we ride down the mountain.

Why It’s Important To Own Your Name .Com

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your name .com

One third of the people on our planet are now connected to the internet; that’s over two billion people worldwide. The internet has become a place where you can learn, do, watch, buy or sell anything you can ever imagine. The internet has all but eliminated the need for us to leave our house. We can get entertainment, human interaction, food, clothing, grooms and brides all from the comfort of our chair. This incredible boom has made the importance of owning your own personal domain name vital, as it is the hub for which you are known in the online world. Here’s some of the key reasons why: