Pedal-Less Running Bike

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pedal-less bike

Courtesy of FLIZ

It’s always cool to keep up with futuristic forms of green transportation and the pedal-less bike is a newcomer with swagger.

Combining the world’s oldest form of exercise with one of man’s greatest inventions, the pedal-less bike could help turn triathlons into biathlons.

The concept is based upon the work of German inventor Baron Karl von Drais, proprietor of the ‘laufmaschine’ or ‘walking machine’. Karl von Drais suggested in the early 18th century that a walking machine would be the most natural way to maneuver through a busy city.

The company channelling Von Drais, FLIZ, is branding the pedal-less bike as an ‘expansion of urban mobility’.


Courtesy of FLIZ

For their version of the laufmaschine, FLIZ incorporated an ergonomic design built around a carbon fiber frame. The FLIZ pedal-less bike features a five point safety harness, and functions the same way a regular bike does with easy steering and hydraulic brakes. The concept even features luggage storage hooks on the frame itself.

The well-thought-out design is both gentle and natural on the human joints. As such, FLIZ envisions the pedal-less bike becoming an ultra efficient form of transportation in congested areas, as well as becoming a staple in the world of rehab and physical therapy.

FLIZ via HighT3ch.



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  • Trekkie


    From the picture and description of use, I would modify this to include a seat so you can coast periodically. I would also be concerned about crashing since the bike seems to go over the body preventing it from easily separating in the event you fall. I suppose this could act as a safety cage or a death trap. Looks kinda fun though.


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