Pepsi Special: Fat Blocking Soda

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Today in Japan, Pepsi Special launched, promising to block the absorption of fat in it’s drinkers.

It’s widely accepted that frequently drinking soda pop can make you fat, especially if you’re genetically predisposed to obesity, so this is a rather interesting development.

Pepsi claims that not only will the beverage still possess it’s crisp, unique, refreshing taste, it will include the beneficial dietary fiber dextrin. Dextrin is an indigestible fiber supplement that makes you feel fuller, thus wanting to consume less. Dextrin also slows down the absorption of fat in your body.

A Healthy Soda?

Some noted benefits of dextrin are the ability to expel toxins, reduce cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels and lower your risk of coronary heart disease.

While the ‘healthy soda’ claim may hold up in Japan, MSN’s Today doesn’t think we’ll be seeing Pepsi Special in the United States anytime soon. Madelyn Fernstrom notes that FDA holds stricter regulations on food and beverages domestically, even “preventing soda and candy from being fortified with nutrients”, where dextrin, a fiber, would be considered a nutrient.

Even if we can’t label it as such, America is addicted to soda, so what’s wrong with trying to incorporate some healthy benefits into our daily fix?

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