Perfect Toaster Lets You Choose Your Bread Color

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Designed to address the inconsistency of toaster settings, designer Basheer Tome has created a cool, futuristic toaster that lets you customize your waffles, bagels and pop-tarts in a manner normally reserved for designer stores.

The Hue toaster boasts a built-in array of color sensors coupled with a simple user interface that allows you to intuitively and smartly toast bread to that perfect shade of golden brown, or black if you so desire.

“Hue has the ability to see color the way you do so toast is browned to precisely the color you’ve set regardless of variations in time, climate, or more.”

Sounds like this puppy can operate rain or shine. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to produce blue or green toast, but we’ve got to trust that someone, somewhere will find a way.

Basheer Tome via Yanko Design



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