PhantomX Hexapod Robot in Action

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Astounde covered some amazing robotic animals earlier this year. This definitely evokes some similar memories.

From Trossen Robotics and Interbotix Labs, here’s an assembled Phantom X Hexapod robot kit in action. I just wanted to showcase how truly amazing our technological capabilities have become. While the below video looks to be doctored, I can assure you it’s not. 

“These kits combine some of the most advanced robotic technologies on the market to bring unparallel performance amd quality into your hands. These hexapod kits are the collaborative effort from some of the top talent in the robotics community”

Check out the video of the hexapod below, if this kind of technology is available to the average Joe, just imagine what we’ve got working behind the scenes.

Incredibly, you can build one of these bad boys yourself for just over a grand. Some of the features and software shown above are add-ons. Expect capable robots to be a big part of our everyday lives in the near future.

Bonus Update: How about a flying hexapod?

Trossen Robotics



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