Pogoseat In-Game App Upgrades You From Nosebleeds To Courtside

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New app lets fans get the prime seats they want, provides teams with a new revenue stream, and fills in the empty seats that TV cameras see.

Even at marquee events such as the World Series, circumstances happen where people are unable to attend, leaving hundreds of prime seats unoccupied. In fact, between the four major sports leagues, there are around 71 million seats that go empty every single year! You know that prime seat isn’t getting used, so why isn’t there a way to fill it up?

Pogoseat App for iOS and Android

Now, thanks to a start-up called Pogoseat, there finally is. Pogoseat lets you eject yourself outta the nosebleeds to live it up courtside. You get to make the upgrade stress-free, just before the game or while you’re lounging in your bird’s eye perch.

Pogoseat’s easy to use phone app connects with a team’s box office to pinpoint which seats are unoccupied in huge arenas. Pogoseat has already partnered with the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, and are in discussions with a number of other NBA and NFL franchises. How does the pricing work for fans?

“Pogoseat has built an upgrade-pricing algorithm that’s based on the difference in face value between a fan’s original ticket and his new Pogoseat, and any discounts applied to the new seat by the team based on the amount of time remaining in the game, score and other variables” says Co-founder Abel Cuskelly.

Ticket Evolution

You can sign into Pogoseat using any of your normal social media accounts, and pay with a number of comfortable methods including PayPal and Amazon. Your upgrade becomes an e-ticket, so that pesky usher won’t be able to give you trouble ever again. The team’s goal is to get Pogoseat into every venue in America, and perhaps even the world. This revolutionary idea simply makes too much sense for concerts and sporting events for it not to work.

Why shouldn’t we all have the opportunity to fly first class?

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