Producing Light From Gravity

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Over 20% of the world lacks reliable access to electricity. In third world countries, many individuals rely on kerosene to give them sight in the night. There are numerous problems that arise from the use of kersone, including hazardous fume ingestion that causes lung-cancer and infection, fire risk, CO2 emissions, and finally, kerosene is expensive and can devour up to 20% of a households income.

Researchers Jim Reeves and Martin Riddiford believe that their new gadget, the GravityLight, can alleviate all of these problems.

GravityLight works in a manner not too different from that of a grandfather clock. The whole device is powered by a weight attached to a cable. The user winds up the gear, lifting the weight, and as it ascends back down due to gravity, the weight pulls the cable through a mechanism that harnesses the energy. This process will create half an hour of light, can be replicated as many times as you need, has no batteries to worry about, and produces clean and green energy! GravityLight can be also be used to power a radio or to recharge batteries!

The team is asking for contributions via, and the purpose of their campaign is to produce 1,000 GravityLights to distribute out to India and Africa. You can learn more, or make a contribution at the link below.

Indiegogo via Dvice



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