‘Retron 5′ Game Console Is A Hub For The Classics

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Keepin’ It Vintage

Ever wish you could stick all your old dope 1980s and 90s games into one console and play them all on command?

With the RetroN 5 gaming console from a company called Hyperkin, you’ll soon be able to. Rumor has it this fun box will be on the market in mid-July for under or around 100 bones.

RetroN 5 Features

The Retron 5 will rock two bluetooth controllers, as well as slots for a few other familiar gaming handles to plug-in. The best part? The RetroN 5 will conform to play games from SEGA, NES, SNES and Gameboy, among others.

Upgraded Sound and Video

Hyperkin has taken steps to eliminate the blurry effect you get when playing older, standard-definition content on high-definition screens.


An SD card will let you save all games, and the system is overclock enabled, letting you speed games up and slow ‘em down. You can even remap the buttons onto controllers and positions you want.

Old school gamers rejoice.

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