The Robotic Lawn Mower

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robot lawn mower

Mowing the lawn can be a pain with the hot sun, allergies, and your neighbor checking you out. We’ve all see the the vacuum cleaner that cruises around your floor cleaning up pet hair and dust, so why not devise something similar for your lawn? A couple of companies have done just that, just in time for summer.

A company called RoboMow has burst onto the scene, enabling us to tend to other chores while our lawn is being robotically maintained. How can we keep this grass hungry monster on our lawn instead of running amuck, attacking neighboring kids and pets? The company has devised a signalling wire that requires a one time installation around the perimeter of your lawn. The automatic lawn mower communicates directly with the wire through an on-board navigation computer, knowing not to cross the boundary.

The RoboMow is affordable at just over $1,000, and has some pretty cool features. It is a dedicated mulcher, providing you with instant fertilizer to be used as you please. It can also navigate around swimming pools, gardens and trees with the use of the installed wire, or by bumping off of an object and continuing along it’s way. Finally, it has a built in edger that can cut just over the boundary of the wire, giving your entire lawn a perfect finish.

RoboMow isn’t the only model of robotic mower. There are more expensive models with a sleeker appearance that can actually charge themselves. While the current RoboMow is electric, there are solar powered models out as well, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to get one to walk your dog. This invention would certainly be a nice investment for a golf course or a public park.

With the cost of efficient and time-saving technologies going down, expect more common everyday activites to start becoming automated. While this could be beneficial, it certainly won’t help our country to get in shape. Do you already own an automatic lawn mower or are you not that lazy yet? Do you think you’d ever own one? What other robotics would you like to see?




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  • Wonderstruck


    This may discourage exercise for healthy young adults but could mean the difference between aging in place and moving to a condo or reitrement community. Great idea! Now let’s invent something that will paint the walls and trim or at least prep them by placing the tape.


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