Self Destructing Technology At Your Fingertips

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We’ve all seen the spy movies where a pertinent message is delivered from HQ to the hero. To protect the agency, the message is always set to self destruct in a matter of seconds. In the case of Inspector Gadget, it made for some funny scenes of the message blowing up at inopportune times. The source and content of the message is safely destroyed and unable to be traced. In the 21st century, we all have secret agent type technology at our fingertips. We often say or send things we regret or that we prefer to remain private. Often times, the message leaks, and we’re been left to face the consequences of our texts, e-mails, and videos. That’s all about to change.

To get you in the mood, enjoy this short, super vintage Mission Impossible TV Intro. Don’t forget to show your love and support for Astounde on these selected social networks as well. It takes less time to follow and like us than a message does to self destruct!

With our phones as much a part of our lives these days as anything, texts and pictures go out quicker than burgers at the BK Lounge. Most are harmless, but nobody is perfect, we’re bound to slip up sometime. A downloadable app called SnapChat fortunately has the prescription. SnapChat allows you to set the number of seconds a photo or text can be viewed before being deleted off of the receiving phone forever. A potential use would be a boyfriend sending a picture to his girlfriend of him cooking or doing his own laundry. SnapChat enables you to do regrettable things with confidence!

E-mails are quick, free and easy to send. We’ve all clicked send on something in the heat of the moment that we regret. A website called BigString has the solution! Bigstring allows you to set a limit to the number of times a message can be viewed, or the number of minutes or days that it exists. You can even customize the to and from sections to prank other unsuspecting saps with self-imploding messages.

Along the same lines of secret document protection, the government has created a self-destructing USB with built in GPS tracker to protect important files.

Finally, if you’ve ever watched the Comedy Central hit TV show Tosh.O, you know that people are recorded doing things that they aren’t very proud of. While this next resource probably won’t solve that problem, it will enable you to send videos that will delete themselves after the amount of time of your choice. provides a plethora of benefits to people everywhere with their free video sending service. Business owners can send images of prototypes and new ideas while reducing the risk of theft or reproduction. Similarly, Bigfoot and Alien enthusiasts who want to protect the creatures’ identities can give news sources a quick, protected glimpse.

Unfortunately, this self destructing technology does not warn the viewer of the messages’ impending demise, which would provide more of a secret agent flair. If you think about it, though, that’s the only way to do it or else we’d all just grab a camera and snatch a quick photo. The secret agent tools of the future are at your disposal. What risks you take with them is entirely up to you. This article will self-destruct in 5 seconds.



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    I love this! How do I get it! Where do I buy stock!


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    Stock options ?? as I don’t see drunk dailing coming to a end anytime soon.


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