September Domain Name Sales Report

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September was another busy month in the domainosphere. While thousands upon thousands of domain names sell every month, a large number of them aren’t publicly reported.

Lucky for us, there’s a fair amount that are, and lucky for us, we have Ron Jackson of to bring these sales to us each and every week. Let’s take a look at a few of September’s top sales, as well as a few obscure transactions from the past month., $150,000- Most people eat three times a day and most are terrible at cooking things for themselves, giving restaurants a prominent position in our lives.

The term ‘restaurant supply’ is searched for on Google over 368,000 times per month. The company evidently got sick of having people type in the .com, so they made the investment to upgrade their position to the .com., $148,350- One of the highest .me sales of all time! It looks as if the buyer is based out of Russia, but it’s uncertain what his plans for the site are. The name fits amazingly with the extension; is incredibly brandable and could definitely become a prominent e-commerce hub., $90,000- First and last name .com’s are always popular. This seems like a nice purchase as Tracy is not only the surname of millions, it’s also the name of some cities and a number of businesses.


Comedian Tracy Morgan, $80,000- A lot of veterans in the domain industry have been dogging .co since it’s inception, but it’s tough to argue with a sale like this (as well as some other impressive five figure .co sales this month).

While I think there will still be some confusion from customers accidentally visiting, you’d be hard pressed to wrestle the .com away for under seven figures, if at all. The buyer looks to be popular European cruise forum and sales site Dropping the .uk broadens the companies’ scope, and with proper branding, the domain could really pay off big., $45,000- The only thing better than the party? The afterparty of course. In fact, many afterparties can be more exclusive and wild. What could the domain be used for though?

It looks like the Richport Group was the buyer, and they’re a privately held real estate investment company. They could be developers or domain flippers, only time will tell., $25,542- This is one of those puzzling sales that I suppose you’d have to know every detail of to understand. It’s feasible that could bring this type of money, but the ‘Get’ in front is truly perplexing. The Domain Tools domain ownership verification is privacy protected, but it’ll be interesting to see what pops up on that domain moving forward., $12,900- A name that just rolls off of your tongue; German for ‘credit comparisons’, this domain could end up being a steal for the buyer. Remember, Germany’s .de ccTLD is one of the top 3 domain extensions in the world.


Courtesy of How Stuff Works, $4,173- Evidently there are some valuable feline’s down under. Cat may be an acronym as well, but if it’s not, it’s a specific domain for a niche clientele. My guess is that most cat insurance only kicks in after a few lives.

This is just a very small sample size of the tens of thousands of domains that exchanged hands last month. As I mentioned in the opener, it’s really unfortunate that many premium domain names are dealt behind closed doors.

As an indication of the state of domain affairs, Domain Holdings reported that they closed two separate, seven figure sales this month alone. The world can only speculate what names they were, and what the final prices were, but it exemplifies the real value that e real estate can have.

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