Shrimp Dominates Prey With Hammer

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Shrimp are delicious, but you probably don’t want to mess with a mantis shrimp.

Coming in a variety of colors, the mantis shrimp can grow to be over a foot long! They have 2 eyes with 3 focal points each, and can see in the UV and infrared spectrums!

The coolest part of a mantis shrimp is that it wields a harpoon-like hammer claw. The mantis shrimp can spear, stun, and dismember prey incredibly quickly. Its built-in harpoon can go from 0 to 50 mph in just three thousands of a second underwater! That’s literally as fast as a speeding bullet.

The mantis shrimp makes both a tasty treat or a cool pet, but if you’re not careful, it could split your hand open or break your aquarium glass.

Naturally, we’re trying to figure out how to emulate the toughness of the mantis shrimp’s claw. Nature is pretty insane!



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