Smart Surfaces Make the Dull Cool

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smart wall

With advancements in current technology, we are seeing objects that were once dull and boring take new life and perform tasks our grandparents never could have dreamed of. A couple of the most recognizable brands in the world are at the forefront of a move towards smarter, more efficient surfaces around our homes.

For thousands of years, we cooked whatever food we could hunt and gather over the top of an open fire. Once humans started spending much of their time indoors, it was only natural that our cooking methods would evolve indoors as well. As far back as 500 years, we were working with stoves, and they’ve been advancing ever since. A new smart stove is going to allow us to cook perfect meals every time.

smart surface

PSFK wrote about the Siemens Smart Surface or Smart Stove, which will feature 48 separate conductors, allowing pots and pans to be placed randomly on the surface. This revolutionary design will enable us to either keep important stuff cooking up front or to cluster multiple pots near the back to thwart curious kids. The surface will come complete with a built-in touchscreen computer that will display the shape and location of a placed object, allowing you to alter it’s temperature! This new way of cooking will provide continuous and even cooking temperatures to a more focused region, saving energy!

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes, but have always been just a platform for magazines and drinks. While a coffee table book about coffee tables is cool, we all somehow had the feeling that it wouldn’t last as the future of living room decor.

The Microsoft Surface is a horizontally placed window to the world with some stunning capabilities. This smart surface can recognize a plethora of objects placed on it’s screen, and search the web to provide you with live information and news about the object! The surface can recognize up to 50 points of contact, which means that multiple users can sit around it and interact at the same time. These sweet features will enable your new coffee table to be a learning aid to people of all ages, a personal assistant, and a source for games played in-house, or with people from all over the world.

smart surfaces

Finally, the wall has always been the source of much household ire. What color should we paint it? What should we hang on it? Did we mess up the feng shui? Well, despite their current mind-blowing nature, expect smart walls to find their way into your homes at some point in the future. The concept of LED walls was thrown around back in 2006 and has been gaining steam ever since. Imagine a wall that you can swiftly adjust the color on to match the season. Who needs physical artwork and TV sets when you can create a replica on your wall. Smart walls may still be primitive, but they will evolve to be the norm in the future.

In the 21st century, the boring is becoming exciting, afterthoughts are becoming conversation pieces. We’re only on the first floor of the smart screen skyscraper, but get ready for an exciting ascent to the top.



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  • Maven


    I love the stovetop concept, I once bought a five burner cooktop and thought I was so cool and high tech, this is much more versatile and convenient. I am looking forward to the wall options too, if you need a feng shui boost in a particular area of life, you can do it with a boost of color a appropriate pic. Nice! Now, if we can only achieve economic security for all. Oh, and world peace.


  • Connor


    The coffee table book that is a coffee table…classic Kramer…


  • Observer


    I am going to design a new sleek set of pans to maximize efficient space utilization.


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