Smart, Water Conserving Shave For Men and Women

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Unless you’ve left Nair on a little too long, shaving is most likely a part of your daily or weekly routine. The problem with most people is that just one shaving session can use between 5-10 gallons of water!

While it’s an afterthought today, that kind of usage shows up on the water bill, and could be a bigger problem in the future.

A designer named Craig Battin sought out to build a water conservation device, and he ended up creating the Bonsai; a bathroom gadget that, with a shot glass full of water, not only gives you a closer shave that’s better for your razor, but it uses approximately 256 times less water!

The Bonsai is essentially a mini smart sink that you fill up with 2.5 ounces of water. The battery powered, rechargeable Bonsai features a built-in high pressure spray that flushes recirculated water onto your razor. A filter traps hair and unwanted particles, while the cleansing chemicals from your shaving cream are cycled into the water, keeping the razor fresh and clean.

Battin has gone to Indiegogo to get his invention off the ground, which he believes could revolutionize shaving forever. His design prevents oxidation which is the #1 cause of razors wearing out too quickly.

If you’d like to support the green cause, or want to secure a Bonsai for yourself, simply look up the Indiegogo link below. For $79, you can have a Bonsai in your home by mid 2013. The savings in water and blades are well worth the price of admission.

Indiegogo via TechCrunch



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