SmartCover: Wireless Charging iPad Case

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Apple’s stock may be slipping, but they keep churning out innovative, mouth-watering new products.

The inductive charging iPad case is certainly no different, utilizing absolutely no wire connection to provide your smart device with that extra jolt of energy it needs.

Smart Cover

Patent documents were released outlining this cover for your iPad that would wirelessly power it up while protecting it and being used as a stand. The perfect trifecta.

From 9To5Mac:
The idea is that rather than plugging in the iPad, the Smart Cover would include an inductive power transmitter that would allow it to pair with an inductive power transceiver embedded into the iPad. The result is the Smart Cover would become a wireless charging station, connecting to an external power source, and allowing you to power your iPad in various positions.

Could a SmartCover for our phones be next?

This would certainly be a great product to use in conjunction with promotional gifts. Various companies could utilize these logo items to promote their brand while also promoting this futuristic technology.

Brand awareness is getting more and more critical even for small companies, as it’s well known that big brands enjoy a lot of status simply because everyone knows who they are. If things like Smart Covers can be used to promote a brand, will we see more companies doing more of this offline marketing? Sounds like it could be an expensive giveaway item but if I saw that at a tradeshow I’d jump on it. Wouldn’t you?

Moving Forward

Just a wonderful piece of technology, one that will have effects reaching countless fields and walks of life. Expect the military, hospitals, schools and others to adapt some form of this future tech. Anytime you can get brand promotion with awesome technology, it’s a win-win.

Read more at: USPTO via 9To5Mac



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    I hope I live to see the day when all of our energy needs are met with solar/wind energy!


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