Spoutnik Futuristic Microwave

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What do you get when you cross a microwave oven and an iMac? A shift in the way we reheat questionably aged dishes out of the refrigerator.

Fagor, a worldwide leader in appliance manufacturing, is making every college student’s best friend sexy. With their new creation, Spoutnik, we’re getting the “only spherical yet translucent opening microwave in the world.”

Spoutnik doesn’t just look cool, it’s got some pretty unique features too. Spoutnik offers 360 degree panoramic vision, a smart illuminated turntable that changes from red while it’s cooking to blue when it’s ready, and comes in a stylish galaxy of bright colors.

A one touch handle pops open the spaceship’s top, revealing an 11″ wide by 12.9″ tall cooking platform. The internal cooking area is completely accessible for cleaning purposes, and features gridlines for precision alignment of your favorite dish.

Adding new life to your kitchen is possible for only $275.

Inspired By: Fagor via Gizmag



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