Task One: Swiss Army Knife Phone Case

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Cut steak, chop wood, clip wires and tighten bolts with your smartphone.

Despite our smartphones being a great tool for life and becoming more and more like swiss army knives everyday, they have yet to take that next step into a truly do-it-all, digital and physical device.

With the TaskOne phone case, your smartphone can finally become a real, versatile, functional multi-tool swiss army knife. This may be the coolest phone case ever created.

TaskOne: Best Phone Case Ever?

Despite what you might assume, TaskOne isn’t too awkward or bulky; in fact, it weighs in at a surprising 89 grams. Each of the sixteen self-contained tools are built to last and comprised of¬†quality hardened steels, aircraft aluminum, and polycarbonate.

The TaskOne is sleek, stylish, comes in a number of different colors, and will even protect your phone from damage. The company assures us that despite the cases versatility for getting physical work done, using the tools will not break your baby. Here’s a comprehensive list of the gadgets built in to the case.

2.5″ knife with 0.75″ of serrations
1.8″ Sawblade
Small flathead screwdriver
Large flathead screwdriver
Medium Phillips screwdriver
Needle-nose pliers
Wire cutters
6 metric Allen wrenches
Wire stripper
120mm ruler (110mm on iPhone 4/4s)
Bottle opener

Here’s a quick video of the TaskOne in action.

Unfortunately the case won’t be here in tme for Christmas, but if you’re one of the first 200 backers on Indiegogo.com, you can lock down a TaskOne swiss army phone case (for your 4S or 5) for just $75, with delivery expected in April 2013.

Source: Indiegogo via HighT3ch



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