Tech Enabled Smart Jacket Makes You a Cyborg

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One Jacket: everything you need to stay powered and connected with the world.

The SCOTTeVEST Concept Smart Jacket incorporates every vital piece of futuristic technology into one classy garment. 

* Networked, flexible e-ink screens embedded in the jacket sleeves to monitor battery status, connectivity, temperature, location and other vital stats.

* Flexible flat speakers and noise-cancelling microphones positioned in the jacket collar to provide stereo playback and recording of media.

* Patented (PAN) Personal Area Network integrated into their clothing. The natural evolution of this network is a Power Management System utilizing thin, flat batteries woven into a flexible array to maintain a charge on all devices networked through the PAN.

* Various charging sources can be integrated as new technologies allow: kinetic charging, magnetic induction charging through a specially-designed “coat hook,” and optional solar cells.

* A Wi-Fi/LTE-amplifying fractal antenna sewn into the jacket material to allow high-speed connectivity on, near and off the grid.

While we won’t see this model commercially available terribly soon, you can browse the companies current product line below.

SCOTTeVEST via HighT3ch



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  • Omega


    What a cool Jacket. You can put any gadget you have into this jacket. Hopefully it also waterproof and not too heavy to be wore as jacket. I like your article.


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