The Air Shower Revolutionizes Your Bathroom

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Do you enjoy taking long, luxurious showers but hate wasting H20 or having ridiculous water bills? Have you ever had problems with a low pressure shower head?

Felton Industries, in collaboration with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has developed the Oxijet – an “air shower” head that injects tiny air bubbles into water droplets to increase water pressure while using 50 percent less water.

The Oxijet feels just as wet and strong as a full flow shower, but bests the low flow shower heads that have been the bane of many.


“Traditional flow restrictors reduce flow and pressure, whereas Oxijet uses the flow energy to draw air into the water stream, making the water droplets hollow, this expands the volume of the shower stream, meaning you can save the same amount of water, while still enjoying your shower.” - Dr. Jie Wu, CSIRO Fluids Specialist

“The concept of using an aerated showerhead to save water is not new, but the technology behind our device, using an aerator insert, allows the device to work with existing showers already installed. Our engineers worked with Dr Wu’s team to turn the concept into an inexpensive, quality product,” - Roger Marty, Felton GM

The invention is already flooding consumers in Australia, and it makes too much sense for it not to catch on around the globe.

CSIRO via Dvice



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