The Cardboard Bicycle

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Bike theft is a major problem.

If you walk around a major city, you may feel like you’re walking through a bicycle ghost town. Wheels and frames are left to rot tethered to street signs and and bike stands.

The resale value of your average bike is too great for a thief to pass up.

Israeli entrepreneur Izhar Gafni has looked to address this issue by creating a bicycle that’s simply too cheap to steal.

The waterproof device only costs $9 to create, so a hefty profit could be had at just $20 per unit (though early price estimates are north of $50). Not only that, anyone can get in on the action as the paper bike can easily support over 300 pounds! The customization possibilities for creative individuals is off the charts as well.

Could this revolutionize green transportation as we know it?

Environmental Transport Association



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  • Dennis


    This is the way to achieve energy savings and efficiency…not through arrogant and inexperienced “leaders” picking their favorite friend’s pet project…that how we lose millions of dollars that could be used for real improvement…not mercury-laden dangerous light bulbs or filling our landfills with plastic bags…just two “innovations” that caused more pollution and didn’t solve anything!
    Good for this guy…more should follow his lead.


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