The World’s Simplest Yet Most Complex Movie

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Image Credit: IBM

Using a two ton machine operating at negative 450 degrees fahrenheit, a group of IBMers has constructed a silver screen marvel.

The machine is a scanning tunnelling microscope and the movie is the smallest ever made; it was even acknowledged by the Guinness Book. Titled “A Boy And His Atom”, this stop-motion picture is being lauded as scientific genius.

The production was made possible by manipulating 5,000 carbon monoxide molecules and snapping still images of the manipulated matter. The task was made complicated by the fact the camera could only capture one atom per frame. Let’s just say it took a long time to piece together.

Why did the researchers do this exactly? This type of nanoscale research and technology shows incredible promise in improving our data storage capabilities. In fact, this team was able to construct and store one bit of information using just 12 atoms, versus the million it currently takes in modern electronics.




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