The World’s Smartest Fishing Pole

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Are you one of the millions of Americans that has a passion for computers and a love for fishing? Then the Poletap SmartRod is for you.

Not only is this the world’s smartest and coolest fishing pole, it actually helps you with the bottom line: catching more fish.

Designer Ed Hope has procured a full utility patent for the technology and by supporting his crowdfunding capmpaign on for $50-70, you can be the coolest and most professional kid on the lake. The SmartRod will let you know if you get a bite via a sound or flashing light alert. It even automatically shuts off the alert as you reel in the fish so as not to interfere with the experience.

The PoleTap SmartRod is built for ease of use, with everything operating on a one-button basis. Sensitivity controls can be adjusted with just one touch. When in the highest sensitivity setting, you can lightly touch the tip of the pole and it will go off, yet you’ll still be able to hold the rod and walk around without setting off the alert. Medium and low settings are available for wind, waves, trolling, heavy rain or fishing in current. No matter what the setting, though, the second a tasty morsel takes your bait, you’ll know when to strike.

The PoleTap utilizes controlled accelerometer technology to give a precision feel for the water and the creatures within. The gadget is perfect for having multiple lines in the water, and provides a nice option for fishermen with disabilities.

The SmartRod is obviously water resistant, and comes with batteries that should last you for a couple of seasons. If the company is able to meet their goal, you should have your new rod right in time for the spring season.

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