Toyota I-Road Electric Zero Emission Concept Car

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In attempting to reduce urban traffic congestion and air pollution, Toyota unveiled their sleek I-Road concept this week.

The I-Road presents a shift in the way we think about local transportation. In the mold of the Elf, the I-Road is a compact, all-electric, three-wheeled personal mobility vehicle with a comfortable, enclosed two-seater cabin.

Not only is the I-Road a zero emission vehicle, it charges in 3 hours, tops out right at 30 MPH and has a range of 30 miles.

Undoubtedly the coolest feature is the Active Lean technology that automatically creates an internal equilibrium when cornering or hitting uneven surfaces.

Choose between an open or closed cabin and park anywhere you want. The I-Road is the ideal urban vehicle that may one day take you where walking cannot, and without leaving a carbon footprint.

This is still a concept, but provides a cool sneak peak of a new class of crossover that could soon dominate our roads and walkways.

Toyota via DVice



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