Traffic Games: A Cure For Intracity Boredom

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Waiting anywhere is a pain in the rear, but especially at crosswalks.

Is there anyone that enjoys standing around pushing a button that neglects you, all the while giving special privileges to people with automobiles? I didn’t think so.

Luckily, a couple of German students have devised an interactive response to this problem.

Crosswalk Games

Where pedestrians in busy cities normally stand idly for minutes, Sandro Engel and Holger Michel at HAWK University in Germany brought a fun, interactive environment to the crosswalk.

While the video below is doctored, it brings up an interesting possibility for the future of urban development.

Traffic games may not provide much of a financial ROI to the city paying for them, but they seem like an attainable and realistic step in city construction. If these games are affordable, there’s no doubt they’ll positively curb city morale, limit jaywalking, and perhaps create some unlikely friendships.

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