True Wealth Inequality In The United States (VIDEO)

Written by Kate Winter on . Posted in Business, Social Media


Courtesy: FreeWoodPost

Here’s an eye-opening video on the distribution of wealth in America.

The focus of the clip is on the true inequality in our country vs. what the American public perceives the inequality to be.

The reality is often not what we think it is.

What are your thoughts? Do we have a problem?




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  • Trekkie


    This is eye opening or at minimum confirmation of what a lot of us DO believe. What is needed are answers or at least ideas and open discussion. What is not understood is why that 1% guy wouldn’t want to be a hero and do something to level the field a bit-It is always a tough call but this reminds me of an article I read about how little prices would need to increase in order to pay Wal-Mart employees a liveable wage. Are we even teaching decency, honor, common sense anywhere? Sure one can always find an argument about why someone is not deserving but life is not black and white – it’s complicated.


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