Video of Colorado Wildfires From Space

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colorado fire

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed, thousands have been evacuated, hundreds of thousands of acres have been destroyed. Colorado is facing the worst wildfire season in over a decade. You know a problem is serious when it’s visible from space.

This video was taken from aboard the International Space Station. You start to be able to notice the smoke about :30 into the video. It’s amazing that even from space, it takes a number of minutes just to orbit around a single state. Helps you appreciate the true size of our planet, as well as the fires themselves.

Colorado is nearly 67 million acres large, so most people have somewhere safe to go, but a number of lives are still being adversely affected. Firefighters from miles away are joining the force to contain the over ten separate fires currently burning. Over $40 million has already been dedicated to combating these June wildfires. If you’d like to help stop this disaster in the midwest, visit



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