Wake Up With Caffeinated Maple Syrup

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Do you find yourself not getting enough of a high when chugging syrup?

Luckily for you, there’s a solution.

Astounde has covered energy boosting, performance enhancing meats in the past, but here’s a solution for those of you who can’t wait ’til lunch for a quick jolt.

Wired Wyatt’s All-Natural Caffeinated Maple Syrup helps you eliminate that boring cup o’ joe from your daily balanced breakfast.

It’s $12.99, but gluten-free and contains all natural ingredients for anyone to enjoy.

One tablespoon of this sugary goodness contains 84 mg of caffeine, helping you jump off the wall for the entirety of your morning. That’s more caffeine than a can of Red Bull, so grub with caution.

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