Watch Felix Baumgartner’s Record Setting Jump From Space Live

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Courtesy of Red Bull Stratos

Earlier this year, Astounde speculated that space skydiving could be the next frontier in extreme sports. If that’s going to be the case, then today represents the biggest hurdle and largest milestone towards that end.

Today, in an event sponsored by Red Bull (who else?), Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner is set to hurdle himself towards the earth from over 20 miles up, breaking the speed of sound in the process.

Baumgartner is attempting to become the first person to eclipse the speed of sound, all the while breaking Joe Kittinger’s 52 year old record of a 19 mile free fall.

Expert Colorado meteorologist Don Day was flown in to Roswell to monitor weather patterns and verify that conditions were safe for the jump. The wrong type of wind development could be devastating for the man they call “Fearless Felix.”

You can learn more about the historic jump right here. Here’s a short video of the jump from Felix’s perspective. Enjoy!

Red Bull Stratos



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