What’s It Like Being Packaged And Shipped? (VIDEO)

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Ruben van der Vleuten

Ever wonder what it’s like to be wrapped up and shipped to somebody?

Using a $14 camera, Ruben van der Vleuten solved this query. He was able to discretely encompass a live camera unbeknownst to anyone else.

“I put a small camera in a box, built a timer circuit using Arduino and shipped it. That’s as simple as it is. The timer circuit was set to make a 3 sec video every minute and make longer videos while the box was moving: to not miss on the ‘interesting’ parts.” said van der Vleuten.

Ruben tried an international shipping video too but the camera died. Besides the cool perspective it lends, the soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission.

RVDV via High T3ch



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