10 Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

Written by Mike Awada on . Posted in Social Media

Here’s 10 prime pieces of trivia for your reading pleasure. Can’t make this stuff up.


10. An Ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain.

9. Most lipsticks contain fish scales to create their shimmery effect.

8. 85% of the plant life on Earth is found in the ocean.

7. Human skin is an organ: it can breathe and absorb.

6. The name of every continent ends and begins with the same letter.

5. Tennessee is bordered by 8 states.

4. An apple is more effective at waking you up than coffee.

3. The oldest word in the English language is town.

2. The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco.

1. There’s only one mammal in the world that can’t jump: the elephant.



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Comments (4)

  • observer


    Number 7 is a good reminder that we are potentially vulnerable. Now I have to wonder about hair color and deodarant; I feel better about all the moisturizers available – uh, kinda, what’s in those products.


  • CrookbythaBOOK


    Actually i’m pretty sure I didn’t want to know about the whole fish scales in lipstick thing, really makes you want to go out and kiss a lady NOT… but I will definitely be switching from a morning banana to an apple since I am not old enough to drink that nasty coffee stuff HA… Keep up the good work Bottleawada, big fan of the site my brotha


  • Andre Retief


    I’m not really sure about #6. Europe is known as a continent, but it starts with an “E” and ends with an “E.” And the America’s is two continents: North – and South America. If you talk about just “America” then it would fit. I’m just a stupid guy from South Africa. Do I understand #6 correct? please share with us.


  • Mike Awada


    Hey Andre,

    In some parts of the world such as Europe, children are taught that there are six continents. In the U.S. and presumably South Africa, Students are taught that there are seven. Cheers.


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