About Us

To astound(e)means literally to overwhelm with amazement, and that is what we aim to do each and everyday. We live in a busy and clutter-filled world. Exciting and interesting stories get lost in the fold everyday. Our goal is to point out the most interesting articles of the day with information you may have missed.

Editor Michael Awada is a graduate from the University of Denver who works to provide quality over quantity, and initiate intriguing discussions about life’s important stories of today and tomorrow. Awada’s work has been featured on acclaimed technology news source Techopedia.com, Denver mainstay 303 Magazine, ActiveJunky.com, as well as respected domain news destinations Domaining.com and NameTalent.com.

The Writers

Taylor Habig- Graduate from Colorado State University. Studied Biology and has a passion for science and medicine.

James Anderssen- Graduate from Concordia University. Lives for athletics and possesses a wandering scientific mind.

Steve Coulter- 4th Year Journalism major at the University of Denver. Enjoys social media and professional sports.

Brady Smith- Journalism major from UNC. Loves to read and write and prefers social media and the arts.

Shad Estreich- 4th Year Finance and Pre-Law at DU. Passions include future trends and technology, music and sports.

Shelby Trueax- Professional daydreamer and lover of all things music.

Amanda Alexander- 4th Year International Communications and Marketing major at DU. Interests include music, skiing, the arts, and technological radicalization all around.

Sam Sobin- Sam is a cool cat with an interesting perspective on life.

Kate Winter- Kate is an outside the box thinker who loves contemporary design.

Maria Gomez- The world is her oyster.

Mark Stevens- Futurist at heart.

We hope you like what you read, just don’t confuse us with Astound or Astound.com! Astounde is the cutting edge news source. The ‘e’ stands for entertaining and enlightening.

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