Adjustable, Skin-Colored Band-Aids

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colored-bandaidAmoeBand Concept

There have been few upgrades in band-aid technology in recent history. Though this idea is just a concept, it solves many problems with the current wound stoppers we have now.

Camo for all

Unless you’re rocking a slick Sponge Bob edition cover, you probably don’t wear your band-aid as a fashion statement. The Amoeband concept comes in a few different skin tone colors for a seamless blend with your natural glow.


If you’re like me, you don’t enjoy searching the box for the right sized protection while bleeding profusely. The Amoeband is a one size fits all wound garment, with removable slits to fit around the toughest of sliced areas.

Finally, if you aren’t savvy enough to know when a band-aid needs replacement, this concept has an indicator on the back that alerts you.





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