Augmented Reality App Lets You Steal Faces In Real Time

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Become an animal, your friend, or a celebrity instantly

Steal a friends or celebrities face with the new Face Stealer App!

Available now for download on the iTunes app store, Face Stealer lets you select from a number of different face masks, align them with your face, and control them in a video. Here’s a little info about it and a video.

“This app includes various masks, including dogs, as defaults. You can also make masks yourself. You choose a photo of a face you like, and edit the contour and so on to make a mask.”

“The app tracks facial feature points, like this. It captures the movements of these feature points, in synch with the motion of your mouth and eyebrows. So it can change how your face looks by synthesizing the mask picture accordingly. A feature of this application is that it tracks in real time, even on a smartphone. We think there aren’t many apps that can track facial feature points using just the processing power of a smartphone.”

“This can track your face even if you vary the angle a lot. It even tracks unusual expressions, so it’s fun to make all sorts of expressions with your mouth.”

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