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What Is LFTR? The Safe Nuclear Energy

Written by Taylor Habig on . Posted in Science, Technology


Nuclear fusion is considered by many to be the holy grail of power generators, but until that process is ready, the planet is still forced to use the dangerous alternative, nuclear fission.

Chernobyl and Fukishima are but two examples of what can go wrong in today’s water cooled, solid fuel nuclear power plants fed rods of uranium.

What if there were a safer alternative that used a fuel source more stable, more common, produced less waste, more efficient, and didn’t contain the inherent threat of nuclear weapons?

Such a technology has existed for over 60 years but has been collecting mothballs. Let me introduce you to LFTR.

Femto Photography: One Trillion Frames Per Second

Written by Taylor Habig on . Posted in Gadgets, Social Media, Technology


A new imaging technique so fast that we can literally see around corners and see inside people without x-rays.

What child hasn’t dreamt of having superpowers? Some kids never grow up, as scientists keep finding astounding ways to make those super dreams a reality. MIT Professor Ramesh Raskar has developed a camera system so unbelievably sensitive and outrageously fast that it has the ability to take slow motion videos of light in motion!

3D Print A New Liver

Written by Taylor Habig on . Posted in Science, Technology

liver printing

For all of you weekend warriors some exciting new open source 3D printing technology may well save your life one day. Researchers collaborating between Pennsylvania University and MIT have made significant strides in solving a huge problem in creating lab grown organs such as livers.