Crazy Twists on Skiing & Snowboarding

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dual snowboard

If you’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy snowboarding or skiing, it’s something you really need to try. The first two days won’t be without much pain, but if you can make it past those, you’re home free. Being on the mountain gets you thinking about potential alternatives, those can’t really be the only two possibilities right? A company called Dual Snowboards is trying to revolutionize the way we ride down the mountain.

Is the World Ready for Invisibility?

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Science Fiction has provided us with some whimsical ideas that are now becoming a reality. One of the neatest has got to be invisibility. While it may not be in the manner that our predecessors had imagined, we have achieved the ability to mask humans and objects. It goes without saying that the military is implementing some form of invisibility. Will this technology ever be available to the general public? Is it too dangerous?

People Pushers of the Future

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There was an incredible amount of hype surrounding the Segway, being described as a green form of transportation that would revolutionize personal transportation. While both fun and impressive, it was too expensive for the average American and never really lived up to the hype.

Within the field of personal transportation, there are a couple of new devices coming out which are smaller, more efficient, and more affordable than any of there predecessors. Here’s a couple examples of gadgets you could soon be riding around town.

Hot Tub Boat

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Hot Tub Boat

What do you do when you can’t afford a yacht, but enjoy hot tubs and floating around in a large body of water? Well up until this year, there wasn’t much. But now, you can buy a hot tub boat.

How is it powered? A small electric motor.

How do you steer? Remote steering for control from inside the tub or on the mini-deck.

The Air and Water Jetpack Has Arrived

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Martin Jetpack

One of the most widespread fantasies throughout all of humanity has been the ability to fly. Gravity consistently has shot those dreams down. Since at least the 1920′s, the Jetpack AKA the Rocketbelt, Jetbelt, and Rocketpack was thought to be the medium to finally defeat gravity. True Jetpack technology wasn’t even possible until the 1960′s, but those of us living in the 21st century may finally get to experience personal flight once and for all.

Wearable Technology: Coming 2012

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Cell phones can do so much these days. You can check the weather, stay in touch with people instantly from all over the globe, get satellite-fed directions, and even look up the answer to any question you could ever imagine. Cell phones are great, cell phones are awesome; but they are not good enough. Who wants to have to hold something all day anyway? If you hate having to use your hands to multitask, then 2012 is the year for you.

The definition of the word wearable is simple and self-explanatory: capable of being worn or suitable to be worn. The term has seemed pretty ordinary for hundreds, if not thousands of years. That’s all about to change. Some of the biggest names in technology are fine-tuning devices combining the coolest in 21st century gadgetry, that can be worn on your wrist, around your neck, and even on your face.

Self-Tying Shoes a Reality

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The flux capacitor, hoverboard, and self-tying shoes were all fantastic ideas stemming from the 1980′s silver screen trilogy ‘Back To The Future’. While it looks like we’re still a little ways away from time-travel, and are still working out the kinks on the hoverboard, the latter of the three aforementioned inventions has been kick-started into reality.

back to the future