Decelerator Helmet Lets You Control the Speed of Time

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As the great Dave Chappelle once said, everything is better in slow motion.

German artist Lorenz Potthast wanted to build on this theory by allowing people to experience what everyday life would be like live in slow-mo.

Potthast built what he calls the decelerator helmet, and with it, you can change up the speed of time in real time.

The decelerator helmet features an on-board computer and camera that relay data to the user via a heads up display. An outward facing monitor lets random bystanders witness life through the eyes of the decelerator as well. The gadget also offers a hand-held remote that provides you with the power to speed up or slow down every second.

Potthast’s goal was to help people appreciate time, something we all take for granted in our busy lives.

Pretty stylish, eh? Would you wear a decelerator helmet around town? How about to a party?

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