DryBath: The Waterless Shower

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Although new technology has allowed us to accomplish countless things that were once unimaginable, that same technology is breeding laziness in society. Most of us don’t seem to mind. If someone told you that you could be lazier than you are now while simultaneously saving time, money and helping preserve the most precious natural resource in the world, what would your response be?

Most of us would be skeptical at best, however a 22 year-old student from the University of Cape Town has invented a way to do just that. South African Ludwick Marishane has created a new product called DryBath which allows the user to clean their entire body as they would in the shower, while eliminating the use for water. DryBath gel is an odorless, biodegradable cleansing film that eliminates waste. “It is a proprietary blend of a biocide, bioflavonoids and moisturizers,” says the site.

Ironically, Marishane’s proactive invention was inspired by a lazy friend who complained about having to go through the entire process of bathing in order to get one’s self clean. The resulting product not only has cost and time-saving implications that could make it a huge commercial success, but also global humanitarian implications that could serve to greatly improve conditions in third-world countries.

In America, there is unlimited profit potential as we Americans will do anything to get things done faster. If you compound this with the ability to do so while saving money on water bills, being lazy has never seemed so fiscally responsible.

More important than it’s commercial potential however, the waterless shower is already being praised at the international level as a potentially life-altering product for citizens of third world countries who struggle to even find water. In some places around the world, water is so scarce that when found, it leads to a difficult debate about whether to utilize it for drinking to fight starvation and malnutrition, or for bathing in order to fight disease. DryBath would make this decision much easier, and could easily be distributed by wealthy nations and NGO’s to foreign citizens to increase their quality of life.

Marishane’s invention already has won him the 2011 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In addition, it is already being manufactured for a myriad of global clients including airlines for long distance flights and governments for soldiers to use in the field. It has also made situations like this obsolete:

Despite it’s roots in laziness, Marishane is excited that his invention “will go a long way (towards) helping communities.” Laziness has never felt so great.




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    and they can use the Psycho scene in their commercials…that should convince anyone to use their product… :-)


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