Elf: Half Bike, Half Solar Powered Car

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The cleanest, most efficient vehicle on the planet?

The Elf by Organic Transit is the ultimate car-bicycle hybrid. It does a tremendous job of filling the gap between walking distance and a long commute. Their Kickstarter campaign began today and you can get your hands on one of the first models in the world.

Elf is a single rider, weather-proof vehicle creation that you can pedal on for exercise or harvest solar power with to commute around town. It’s designed for smart trips and running errands, allowing for up to 350 pound of cargo onboard. It comes fully eqipped with lights, signals and mirrors yet can go anywhere a bike can: roads, paths, trails and beyond.

Elf is designed for high visibility, leaving you at eye level with drivers on the road. You can charge up the electric motor from an outlet, or from the sun, and kick it on whenever you need or please. While Elf is a small time operation now, it’s got big time potential. Check out their product offering below.

Want to own one of the first 100 commercial models of the Elf? You can snag one today off of Kickstarter for $4,000, with delivery anticipated by March.




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Comments (3)

  • Trekkie


    This looks like fun and sounds like it will be a useful alternative source of transportation. I have to wonder if a license would be required to drive it on the street? Will it take up too much space on a bike path? At $4k, it is unlikely there will be a glut so…probably not to much to worry about at this point.


  • Tony_Miami


    Interesting concept. Are solar panels included and Are they imbedded in the roof ? How expensive is the up-keep and maintenance schedule ?
    How often are replacement parts needed to be changed ? Are there doors on all ELF cars to keep out rain and dust ? If another person is in back
    seat , is there room for food bags or space to carry items ? Describe the front , back and side lights ,and are there turn signals ? Any Securtiy devices or lo-jack GPS involved ? Explain the $4000.oo price, and what is included to boost the $$$ that high . I understand a bike motor and pedal power to make this transport move. But if the shell of this unit is factory press molded and the suspension is of average weight and strength, I don’t see a cost factor of much more than
    $1500.oo . which would leave room for a descent retail
    price of about $2500.oo to $3000.oo ?
    What did the person above mean by ” a glut ” ? , I dont speak kilingon.
    Hope this unit is mass produced some time soon…like 2013 ?? .


  • HollyGoLightly


    Good points, Tony Miami. Also, when transitioning from street to sidewalk, it would be interesting to see the reactions to pedestrians with this thing coming towards them, especially if someone is blind. Stupid question, but does this thing have a horn? And I, too, question the $4000 markup. Perhaps because each one is made individually and not mass-produced?


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