First 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar

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Credit: Rick English

The possibilities for 3D printing are seemingly only inhibited by our imaginations. 3D printed instruments are a great example of that.

Though electric guitars have been printed within the last year, the world’s first 3D printed acoustic guitar was recently unveiled, providing an impressive solution to a daunting challenge.

With a sleek design, the 3D printed guitar was assembled from assorted custom printed parts. A company called 3D Systems printed intricate musical pieces out of a number of different materials including stainless steel, sterling sliver, and plastic.

Just how does a 3D printed instrument sound? “It’s rich and full and has a great tonal range,” says Scott Summit, the gentleman who designed the guitar on his computer. While we don’t have a video of the guitar in action, here’s a video of the world’s first 3D printed violin (FF to :50 to hear the instrument in action).

3D printing technology will unearth an incredible palette of instrumental customization. The originators believe that “people will be able to use software to pick out what sort of treble, bass, or sustain they desire and then print a guitar to match those qualities”, and then have it printed and delivered to their house!

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