Golf Cart Hovercraft By Oakley and Bubba Watson (VIDEO)

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Golf and Hovering? Yes Please.

“It takes you everywhere you want to go – through sand traps, through water, shortcuts, into the woods, out of the woods. My ball likes to go in and out of the woods, so we’ve got to get there in the best and quickest way possible.” – PGA Tour Pro Bubba Watson

The BW1 pictured is indeed a working prototype. No word yet as to the long term plans and costs of the Oakley Hovercraft golf cart.

Experts are speculating that the Hovercart could do for golf what the hovering horse did for polo.




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  • Sharon


    This looks really cool! The only thing is, if I were to purchase this for my hubby, my lawn would never get mowed.


  • Brian


    I wonder what the stance of the USGA will be on this in terms of an environmental/wildlife impact?


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