Hard Boiled Egg That Cooks Itself In Carton

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Russian scientists have created a mini-carton that boils a perfect egg for you in only 2 minutes!

The innovation is called the Gogol Mogol, named after a popular Russian egg dish. Though it’s a one-time use device, it’s made of recycled materials to reduce waste.

The four layer design is comprised of a cardboard exterior, a calcium hydroxide chemical layer, a smart layer containing water, and finally, the egg core.

When you’re ready to munch on quick boiled egg, just pull a tab that combines the smart water layer with the chemical layer. The ensuing reaction creates enough heat to cook the egg to your liking in a matter of minutes.

This crazy contraption was built by Kian, a Russian design agency, and was the winner of the 2011 European Food Packaging Design Competition.

As of now, the Gogol Mogol is not commercially available, but would be a welcome addition to the food-on-the-go arsenal.

European Packaging Design Association via Daily Mail



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