January Domain Name Sales Report

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What domain do you want?

Some staggering sales and good bargains highlight January’s domain name transaction crop.

Booker.com, $375,000- GramercyOne, a New York City-based provider of cloud-based business management and marketing software, dropped a pretty penny in their rebranding effort to Booker.com. Booker is a hybrid of SalesForce, Square, Groupon and OpenTable, allowing clients to “book appointments and reservations, track revenues, and keep track of new customers.”

Estate.com, $165,000- A popular and versatile term, Estate.com has the development potential to become a mainstay in a number of high profile fields.

Torrents.com, $112,651- Torrents enable us to instantaneously share anything with anyone anywhere in the world. For what seems like a bargain, Torrents.com is now a torrent search engine, offering shareable and downloadable books, movies and tv shows.

CellPhoneCases.com, $75,000- The cell phone case business is blowing up, with over 5 billion phones in use in 2012. Considering the modern cell phone is essentially a supercomputer with an incredible amount of crucial data, a good case can go a long way.


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SalleDeBain.com, $60,000- When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go and with SalleDeBain.com, you can go anytime you want! French for bathroom, SalleDeBain.com is a new luxury destination for those looking to trick out their lavatories.

Connect.TV, $25,000- Connect is a vital keyword in today’s day and age and it pairs exceptionally well with the .TV extension. This domain has great branding potential, though the current use is unknown.

Everclear.com, $18,000- The original plan was to spend the $18K on 1,800 bottles of Everclear, but then everyone realized that was a terrible idea because they could just purchase rubbing alcohol for a fraction of the price.

LoveButton.com, $10,000- There are lots of buttons people push these days including the easy button and the panic button, but when it comes down to it, the love button is the one we really want to push.

Your thoughts on the month that was?

Source: The Domain Name Journal



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