Medical Implant To Prevent Heart Attacks And Monitor Your Health

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Technology Inside You

Some people are terrified of the idea of having an electronic implant in their body, but it could truly provide some amazing health benefits.

Body Lab

EPFL scientists (Switzerland) have unveiled a tiny, personal blood testing laboratory that becomes a part of your body.

Led by Giovanni de Micheli and Sandro Carrara, the development team has introduced a minuscule device that is implanted just under the skin to provide an immediate analysis of pretty much any type of substance in the body. The implant can detect up to five proteins and organic acids simultaneously, and then transmit the results directly to a doctor’s computer or to your smartphone.

Undetectable Detection

The implant checks in at only a few cubic millimeters in volume so you won’t know it’s there, but it really packs a punch. Built into the device are five substance sensors, a radio transmitter and a power delivery system. Outside the body, a battery patch provides power directly through the patient’s skin via inductive charging; once the device is in, you’re powered up for the foreseeable future.

Information is relayed in a few different stages. The implant emits radio waves over a safe frequency. The patch collects the data and transmits them via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, which then sends them to the doctor over the cellular network.


This feat of medical genius has an incredible array of potential applications, the most important of which today are assisting the elderly and the chronically ill.

Read more at: EPFL via Extreme Tech



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