MySMS Revolutionizes Global Mobile Communication

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MySMS is bringing the world together like never before

What if you could text anyone in the world, on any platform, instantaneously and for free? What if you could do this while leaving your smartphone in your pocket? A successful Austrian company, Up to Eleven Digital Solutions, is making these dreams a reality today through a new application called MySMS.

MySMS eliminates the fumbling back and forth between your tablet, laptop and cell phone and opens up a whole new world of connectivity.

A free download, MySMS syncs your smart phone to all of your everyday devices. Your contacts and your message history are preliminarily uploaded to the MySMS servers (which will take a few minutes, so don’t be alarmed). After that, you can quickly and easily use your web browser to track every text and multimedia message you’ve ever sent. All of your contact info including pictures is stored in the cloud, on the MySMS bill. Worried about security? Founder Martin Pansy ensured Astounde that all of your information through MySMS is encrypted and secure.

Unlike the IM competition that excludes individual groups or platforms from participation, MySMS is opening the floodgates on truly global connectivity. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, your desktop, your tablet, or your web browser, MySMS orchestrates a symphony of instant and easy interaction.

MySMS lets you casually browse the internet at home or at work, and a subtle corner pop-up will alert you every time you get a new message. Writing a long text to a loved one takes a fraction of the time with a full keyboard at your disposal. The invention is notably perfect for concealing the fact that you’re texting at work or in school. Most importantly, you can use the app from your smart phone to talk to users on any platform, anytime, anywhere.

MySMS has been years in the making, and is now ready to take center stage. The company had visions of this day since the late 90s. Pansy bought the domain name, in 1999, waiting for the right time to introduce his brainchild to the worl. The company has experienced an overwhelming success with their first SMS project, The site has a global Alexa rating of under 27K, and has over a half million monthly active users in Austria.

MySMS is innovative and forward thinking, employing an open API format to let developers take their idea and run with it. During the next 6-12 months, the company plans to offer a number of new features, using a freemium model to support the project. They also plan on offering a white label program to OEM’s and mobile operators to let them compete in the marketplace, while getting their platform more widely adopted.

Martin Pansy is particularly excited about the product because it “allows the great features of iMessage and other current instant messaging platforms to be shared by all.” As with all global innovations, MySMS will undoubtedly have some bugs to work out, but the company is laying the foundation for a game changing app. If you want to give it a shot for yourself, MySMS is launching globally today, and can be found online or in an app store near you.

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