Playstation 4 Unveiled: Details and Photos

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PS4 Controller

In 2006, the Playstation 3 rocked the gaming world. Now, 7 years later, Sony is struggling and needs to make a big splash. Will the PS4 live up to the hype? Here’s what we know.

Expected to drop in November, the Sony PlayStation 4 certainly has the potential to be a game changer. The PS4 will feature a high-end GPU and an 8-core CPU on the same piece of silicon, with 8 gigs of DDR5 RAM. For you non-nerds out there that means incredible power and speed.

The Sony PS4 will unveil a no boot-up system; pressing the on button will bring you immediately to the home screen (no lag time).

The PlayStation 4 will showcase second screen integration that allows you to play games and interact with the world on your phone, tablet, and PS Vita handheld device in conjunction with the PS4.

While we didn’t get to see exactly what the console itself looked like, there’s expected (not confirmed) to be two initial versions available at the $429 and $529 price points.

Social Gaming

The PS4 will usher in an era of social gaming. You can actually take over a friends controller while he’s playing, share your screen with him or her, drop useful items into their game, share highlights and clips, and chat and chill with homies while playing separate games. Pretty epic.


PS4 Home Screen

Cloud Gaming

Every PS4 game will be available for digital download, and the company anticipates (down the road) adding every single PS1, 2 and 3 title to that as well!

Games can be downloaded in the background while you play other games, and downloads can even take place while the console it off. Not only that, you can start playing a game as you download that game, before it’s even finished downloading!

The Controller

The new PS4 DualShock controller will have a built in touchscreen a la the WiiU, and a headphone jack. The system is expected to build on it’s PS Move platform, while integrating a 3D camera to track the controllers.

Looking ahead

Many were disappointed with the PS4 launch due to the lack of a tangible console and price, but Sony has some pretty cutting edge ideas for where to take the gaming world in the future. Now let’s see if they deliver.

With the Nintendo Wii U out, the Ouya on the way and the ‘Xbox 720′ on the horizon as well, it’s safe to say that the console wars have begun!



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