Sneaker Speaker: Boom Box For Your Shoes

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A bluetooth wireless boom box that you can wear seamlessly on your kicks.

Ray Kingston, former Sony product designer, wanted to emphasize the interplay between fashion, urban art and music.

His new design company came up with the Sneaker Speaker, a battery powered shoe attachment that can be easily adjusted onto a wearer’s foot with one or two straps.

The speaker has integrated bluetooth, syncing it up with your smart phone or tablet. Not only that, a built-in AC input let’s you hook things up the old fashioned way.

What’s great about the Sneaker Speaker is that it can stand alone as a music player, or can blend into your shoe, adding a soundtrack to your life.

Kingston says of his creation: “These futuristic alternative urban devices increase your ghetto vibe, by wearing them onto your shoes, they’re a must-have for urban artists and everyone else who believes in the inspirational power of music.”

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