Spray On Antenna Technology Drastically Boosts Reception

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There has been an amazing array of technology unleashed on the world lately, but these futuristic innovations have not been without their issues. One of the most frustrating problems facing us today has got to be cell phone reception, or most times, a lack thereof. Scientists may have finally uncovered an affordable solution, from an unlikely source: a spray can.

A Utah-based company called ChamTech Operations has unbottled a line of spray-on antennas designed to boost reception an incredible amount. Their now patented spray can be administered to any vertical object, creating an instant antenna. Combine the spray with an existing antenna and see up to a 10,000% performance boost. It sounds too good to be true, but was demonstrated last year at Google’s annual Solve For X competition.

ChamTech offers their product in a spray on kit that can be purchased on their website. The seemingly magical spray consists of a number of small particles that serve a role as ‘nanocapacitors.’ A nanocapacitor is a device used to store an electric charge. The main issue was getting the capacitors to line up in the appropriate manner, however, CEO Anthony Sutera said, “We have come up with a material that when you spray it on, it lays out just in the right pattern and all of these little capacitors charge and discharge extremely quickly in real time and they don’t create any heat.”


A close up of the spray

Astounde contacted Chamtech to find out some further details on the product. Despite being inundated with media requests, they found the time to get back to us. It is uncertain what one of their ‘Spray On Kits’ costs as a company representative informed us that pricing cannot be given to a non-governmental entity. Andrew Dasenbrock of Chamtech told us that their unique formula will allow “for greater conformity and flexibility in the design of custom antenna systems.” Mr. Dasenbrock also told Astounde that later this year, the company will be expanding it’s focus from strictly government and military, to the private sector. They are focusing on industries with size, weight, and power constraints such as the medical and aerospace field.

Chamtech is taking a green approach to reduce power requirements, eliminate bulky equipment, and increase the efficiency of communication systems that have become stagnant over the years.

Chamtech claims that their product will even work in some unusual and extreme environments such as underwater. While the prospect of fewer missed or dropped calls is certainly alluring, one can’t help but imagine what the long term effects on the environment might be. Will the spray harm life or contaminate our water? When applied to a live tree, what type of negative consequences might there be? The product is still in it’s infancy, but we’ll certainly figure it out with time.



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